Catalog 2016

Thanks to Marcorossi Artecontemporanea (link) for designing and publishing this catalog, and thanks to Andrea Lerda of (link) for curating the exhibit and writing the intro.

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Pietrasanta, Italy, May 2016

It was a pleasure to make the artwork and the exhibit for Pietrasanta, Italy
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Verona, Italy, 2016

Opening in Verona, at Marcorossi artecontemporanea, with Francesco Sandroni.
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Bologna Art Fair, Jan. 29 - Feb. 1, 2016

Arte Fiera Bologna, Italy, January 2016, I had work on display with Marcorossi artecontemporanea, and Mimmo Scognamiglio artecontemporanea.  During 2015-2016 I had the privilege to live and work in Milan Italy for 9 months, through a studio provided by Marcorossi artecontemporanea.

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Ettore's Studio 2015

This is a piece I made on location, for Ettore Buganza, who has been a great help to me with many projects here in Milan, Italy.  Spring, 2015

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Lake Como, 2015

This is an artwork I made on location, for two wonderful art collectors in Italy. It was a pleasure to make the artwork with them, and I'm happy it's part of their collection. 

(this photo was taken just before clean-up, so there is still some working materials around, i.e, cups, brushes, plastic) 
Spring, 2015

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Bocconi Art Gallery, Milan 2013 Edition

Bisphenol A, 2012
Pigment, glass cloth, carbon fiber, epoxy resin
800 x 500cm
Bocconi Art Gallery exhibition, 2013-14.

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Studio La Citta Group Show - 2013

Here's the invitation for a recent group show at Studio La Citta.  To view the press release click here(pdf).

Europol Headquarters Artwork

I designed and constructed this 60-foot-tall artwork  for the newly-built  Europol Headquarters building at The Hague, NL.  To view a series of photos click here.

Europol Project - The Hague, NL

Initial stages of constructing the above artwork, which is now a permanent fixture in the lobby of the new Europol building.

Solo Exhibition at Kunsthandel Thom Schaar

This is an artwork in Thom Schaar's collection titled "all the day's papers, " which also happens to be the title of the solo show I had there.

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Kunsthandel Thom Schaar

In 1993 art dealer/collector Thom Schaar purchased the first artwork I ever sold, and he now owns approximately 20 of my artworks.  The artworks in the above photo were leased, and then purchased, from Thom Schaar and are displayed in the room of the chairman of the board at Codarts, University for the Arts in The Netherlands.  To view more of my work in the collection of Thom Schaar click here, and then click on each image to see more.

Nel Frattempo/Art Verona 2011

Nel Frattempo, which for one week coincides with Art Verona, is a group show - in the center is one of my "curtains."  Conceived and curated by legendary, Lucio Pozzi. To view four more photos click here.

Nieuw Dakota, Solo Exhibiton 2011

This is the invitation for my solo show at Nieuw Dakota.  To view four photos of the show click here.

LUMC Gallery, Solo Exhibition 2012

It was a pleasure and an honor to make this exhibition at the LUMC Gallery, which is next to their huge exhibition room - where I made and concurrently showed my large artwork Chinese Purple.  

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Marian Cramer Projects, Solo Exhibition 2011

This is the invitation for my solo show with Marian Cramer Projects.  The photo was taken from the inside of a large artwork.

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